EatFreakz: Enthusiasts of heartfelt innovative comfort flavors.

Nostalgic flavors and dishes like our grandparents use to put on the dinner table are truly a rare find in an ever evolving city like San Francisco, where mom and pop restaurants struggle and the original roots of cultural diversity grow extinct. As a community, we do our best to preserve these flavors with new talent while we share new food finds together that can bring smiles to all our faces.

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Why eatfreakz

We believe that the dinner table is where everyone comes together. It is where life is shared… the laughter, the joys, the gossip, the flavors, the music, the stories… the preservation of cultures. To do that we must preserve the flavors. With our partnered teams and chefs we are doing just that through our pop ups and consulting of restaurants!


What we do

We scout, consult, and coordinate delicious pop ups with passionate artisans and mom & pops to share their special recipes with others, so that we may all have an excuse to hang out and make new friends over creative and nostalgic flavors.

If you have very unique comfort recipes, a passionate talent with flavors, or restaurant that needs a little refresh and structure, we want to work with you!


Be a part of our community

Everyone is an “Eat Freak” at heart! Who doesn’t love finger licking good bites especially the dishes that brings fond memories?!

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